WILL Report "Women, Workplace and The Web!"
Sponsored by Capgemini
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WILL KPMG Report 2011
Women and Enterprise Risk Management
Survey and Perspectives from Corporate India

Sponsored by Capgemini
There could not be a better time for businesses worldwide to take a hard look at the key dynamics that will challenge the rate and value of their performance and profits in the very visible future.
Most business leaders are well sensitized to recognize these "risks to the organization, either through a formal enterprise risk-management process or through an informal management process.

WILL Mentees Learning Manual : 2011
Successor-Generation Women of Corporate India
Learnings from Corporate India's Pioneering
Cross-Industry Residential Mentoring Program for Women
Corporate India's First Cross-Industry Residential Mentoring Program for Women
This program is devoted to responding to the consensus and mandate for creating women business
leaders who are accomplished, contributing, and with a global mind-set that will add value to the organization and
the society in which they work.

"WILL Best Employers for Women in Corporate India
The Economics of Balanced Leadership

It is now clear that women define Best Employer Companies --quite differently from their male counterparts.
Companies who wish to attract, retain, and nurture women for advanced management positions in their companies will need to take a hard look at "what women want in their organizations" -- rather than use minor interventions to keep women engaged in the vision of the company for business success.

WILL KPMG Report 2010
In pursuit Of Balance Leadership:
Pioneering the Path for Corporate India
The inspiration for balanced leadership is that it gives space and bandwidth for creating an eco-system
that promises to produce quality decisions within an open and diverse environment.
Balanced Leadership will be sharply sensitive to business risk, strategic innovation, and harnessing the best
talents within the organization for responding to future markets for excellence in business and
stakeholder wealth creation.

WILL Mentees Learning Manual 2010
Women Define Corporate Challenges for India
Learnings from Corporate India's Pioneearing
Cross-Industry Mentoring Program for Women

The Forum for Women in Leadership WILL Forum -- is a unique and independent forum founded by senior
women executives of corporate India, with a mission and mandate for leveraging the vast talent pool of women, sharing best practices for women in the workplace and creating an eco-system for "balanced leadership, and mentoring women in leadership positions.

WILL User's Guide
Mentoring Women in the Workplace
Understanding the Leadership context of Women
"Learning Experiences from WILL Mentees"
The growing uncertainty in the global marketplace and competition for talent in high growth economies has brought into sharp focus the important need to move beyond the short-term challenges of retention, recruitment, and attrition to building lasting companies that will respond to the vast range of stakeholders that define business organizations and markets worldwide.

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