WILL Best Employers For Women: Benchmarking

Awards & Certification 2020-21

Benchmarking Companies For Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and Balanced leadership

Vision and Mandate

WILL Best Employers for Women: Benchmarking

It is now clear that women define Best Employer Companies --quite differently from their male counterparts. Companies who wish to attract, retain, and nurture women for advanced management positions in their companies will need to take a hard look at "what women want in their organizations" -- rather than use minor interventions to keep women engaged in the vision of the company business success.

While most enlightened business leaders and companies fully understand the need to address the best practices for women in the workplace -- they have not been able to articulate how this translates into the corporate code of conduct, best HR practices in the organizations, equal opportunity policies, and gender-neutral assessments and leadership.

The "WILL Best Employers for Women: Benchmarking" will be devoted to inspiring companies and providing them with the tool-kit to benchmark their eco-systems for nurturing and retaining women and their talents in the organization, for best business success and rewards to society. We invite you to join us on this important mission. Poonam Barua, Founder Chairman, Forum for Women in Leadership WILL Forum India

Do the WILL Benchmarking for your Company and get your "WILL Gender Quotient Index (GQI)" !

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